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Guide to Fall Grocery Shopping

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September 14, 2022

As summer turns to autumn, it’s time to get excited about a new season of fresh ingredients for your home meals and restaurant menus. Early fall is a wonderful time to take advantage of new autumn crops and create dishes that celebrate the best of the season. If you are curious about what produce is in season, we have you covered! 

What Fruits and Vegetables are in Season this Autumn? 

Fall harvest brings a wealth of earthy root vegetables, robust greens, gorgeous gourds, and crisp tree fruit. Are you looking to switch up your restaurant menu? Want to teach your family about the wonders of seasonally based eating? Check out some of our favorite fall-time ingredients, complete with stunning fall recipes, to highlight the bounty of the season:

Root Vegetables

Parsnips, carrots, turnips, and rutabagas are hearty vegetables that love to get roasted and served as a healthy side dish. These root veggies also make an excellent harvest stew. They are equally fantastic pickled and make a fun addition to any meat or cheese plate.  


These ruby root vegetables adapt to so many preparations that they deserve their own place on the list. Like other root veggies, beets are greatpickled or roasted. They also make excellent soups, like an authentic UkrainianBorscht. Their earthy flavor and vibrant color take simple foods to the next level. Try beets in a variety of unexpected ways: 

Pome Fruit

Apples and pears flourish in the fall. They make for great desserts like pies and turnovers. They also add anextra crunch to salads and evensandwiches.  


Grapefruits, oranges, tangelos, blood oranges, and more citrus fruits start showing up on wholesale grocery shelves in autumn. While their refreshing juice seems synonymous with summer weather, fall is the best time to bulk up on citrus. They are juicy and perfectly ripe, perfect for a variety of meals. Use them as a tart base for vinaigrettes or marinades. You can also make them the star of the show with a citrus-based salad

Stock up on canning jars and storage containers.

Add-Ons for Your Fall Monthly Grocery List 

Fresh produce isn’t the only thing to add to your fall shopping list. Autumn is also a time to preserve the year’s harvest and plan for the winter holidays. With that in mind, make sure you stock up on these non-food essentials to maximize your product purchases: 

  • Canning jars 
  • Storage containers 
  • Paper goods 
  • Roasting pans

Discover Autumn Ingredients and More for Your Fall Meals 

Whether you are a professional chef or cooking with your family, creating seasonally based menus is exciting! It is a way to connect with your food in a meaningful way. Plus, purchasing food in its growing season means flavorful items at fantastic prices. If you haven’t thought about changing up your meal profiles to incorporate seasonal ingredients, now is the time to start! So, head to your restaurant supply store and stock up on this year’s fall favorites!

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