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How Your Restaurant Can Take Advantage of Voice Search

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June 22, 2023

Have you heard about voice search optimization digital marketing for your restaurant? As technology becomes ever more present in our daily lives, restaurant owners are looking for savvy ways to use tech to their advantage. As technology continues to invite convenience into our lives, consumers have found ways to use voice search options to seek out new businesses to frequent. According to Perficient, 55 percent of people use voice search features from their mobile devices and nearly 25 percent use smart speakers two to five times a week. 

To harness the power of voice search, restaurant owners need to optimize their online profiles to stand out and rank high among voice searches.

Why Does Your Restaurant Need Voice Search?

Voice-based search is conducted through a customer’s verbal commands using smart speakers, mobile devices, and car navigation. Chances are you’re already familiar with the process, for example, asking Alexa or Siri for the weather or your car navigation for directions. However, you might not realize the power of voice search capabilities for your restaurant.

Intent-focused questions can benefit establishments by directing new customers straight to their doors.  Intent-based questions are how consumers seek out a specific company to visit. For example, “The best pizza near me” or “Where can I find a vegan restaurant?” In fact, “near me” searches account for 1.5 billion searches monthly and have increased 500 percent in recent years.  So, having a robust voice search presence is vital to capturing new clientele.

Four Ways to Improve Your Online Presence for Voice Search

Voice search is convenient for consumers and allows them to perform many tasks associated with their search. They can ask for a specific cuisine close to them, pull up reviews, learn your hours, and get directions without typing one word. With that in mind, you want to ensure all your online information is fully optimized and remains up-to-date as things change.

1. Optimize Your Online Business Profile

Keep all your pertinent information current and update as often as possible. If you are now open for lunch and dinner, but your Google Business Profile still has your dinner hours only, you could be missing out on a large lunch crowd. Here are a few tips to optimize your online presence:

  • Ensure your location, address, contact info, and hours are always current. Most mobile searches are for “businesses near me,” so you want to make sure you have all your basics up-to-date.
  • Identify your service options — curbside, delivery, takeout, dine-in.
  • Upload photos of your dishes and restaurant.
  • Post your existing offerings online, and include any events or specials you are running.
  • Mention any third-party services you use.
  • Refer to the areas your serve.

The more frequently you update your online profiles or create online posts, the higher your chances of pinging on local searches.

2. Stay On Top of Reviews

Reviews are always crucial for restaurants. As owners know, the more positive reviews you receive, the better your chances of a boosted client base. However, reviews are also imperative to appear in more voice searches. The number of positive reviews, coupled with how recently they occurred, means you will rank higher in searches. Create a plan to convince your customers to provide reviews to enhance your rankings.

3. Get Up to Speed with Your Website

Keeping your website up to date and reducing loading times is essential. You want yours to perform at top speeds, as a sluggish site can impact your ability to rank high. Take a loading test and make any corrections that are bogging down your website.

4. Get Savvy with Keywords

Keywords are vital for customers to find you online. When it comes to voice search, you want to ensure you are using phrasing that customers will likely use. Voice assist technologies experience more conversational inquiries that tend to be lengthy. For example, “Where is the best Italian restaurant in my area?” Voice search optimization should be geared toward answering your consumers’ questions as effectively as possible.

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