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Why are Fine Dining Restaurants Choosing Wholesale Food Delivery Services?

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July 20, 2020

Fine dining restaurants are the crème de la crème of the culinary world. Known for sourcing only the finest ingredients and treating them with finesse, fine dining establishments rely on vendors that can deliver high quality products, worthy of the most discerning chefs and customers. 

Whether your high-end eatery is new on the foodie scene or you’ve been serving up haute cuisine before it was trendy, delivery from your local wholesale restaurant food supplier can be your ticket to shaving costs without skimping on quality. Learn how wholesale grocery delivery service can help enhance your fine dining restaurant. 

How Can Wholesale Delivery Options Benefit Your Fine Dining Establishment? 

Ordering wholesale food online for delivery is a convenient way to reap the cost saving benefits of your local restaurant food supplier. Competitive prices, high-end products, and on-time delivery are just some of the benefits. 

1) Premium Meats and Seafood Delivered Fresh to Your Door

There’s a reason why classic steak houses are synonymous with fine dining: premium proteins are the backbone of most high-end establishments. Guests expect high-end cuts of beef, succulent poultry, and fresh seafood from their favorite fine dining spots. Restaurant owners know that meats and seafood are best when they are fresh. Ordering via restaurant food supply delivery means you get high-quality products that are safely stored. That means you can receive butcher-quality products more frequently.  

Make sure you partner with a vendor that promises premium meats and seafood and easy delivery. Look for a local wholesale meat and seafood supplier who is able to obtain the best quality proteins from farms across the U.S. Since they do all the demanding work of selecting the best of the best, this means you will always have access to premium items like Star Ranch Angus Beef Tenderloin and wild caught Northwest shrimp, but at a competitive price.  

2) Farm Fresh Produce at Your Fingertips 

In addition to high-end proteins, today’s customers also expect farm-fresh produce from their fine dining menus. From crisp salad courses, to impeccably cooked vegetable side dishes, to innovative vegan entrees, vegetables are now center stage for many diners. 

Getting produce delivered at the peak of freshness, however, can be a struggle for many restaurateurs. Improperly stored produce during long-distance transit and poor-quality items can affect profit margins and the customer experience negatively. Making a switch to delivery from a wholesale produce supplier makes all the difference. They take the same care with their fruits and vegetables, as they do with their high-end cuts of meat. Produce is always procured at its freshest and stored at proper temperatures to ensure longevity.   

3) New Items to Inspire Your Next Menu 

It is important to keep your menus up to date with current trends, but sometimes it’s costly to invest in new ingredients while you are still in the development phase. One of the main benefits of delivery from a wholesale restaurant food supplier is their extensive product list and rotating specials, without the high minimum order costs. Restaurant owners can easily search high-quality products online, find their next menu inspiration, then simply schedule a delivery. This saves chefs and restaurant owners time and money.

4) Delivery on the Fly 

As restaurant owners know, there is nothing worse than running out of an item before a big weekend rush. Chefs and owners spend countless hours perfecting their order amounts, but it’s not always possible to calculate guests' preferences from day to day.  

Since most wholesale restaurant supply stores are locally based, it is easy to place an order on the fly. Instead of having to cancel an entree until your next big delivery, and potentially lose out on sales, you can have your main dish coming out of the kitchen by the next service.  

Looking for Wholesale Grocery Delivery Service for Your Fine Dining Restaurant? 


CHEF'STORE has been serving culinary professionals for over 65 years. Since opening our doors, we have been the go-to choice for fine dining restaurants because of our high-quality products and excellent customer service. 

We are pleased to announce that we also offer delivery via Shipt and Instacart on all our exceptional wholesale meat, seafood, produce and dairy. What’s more? We also offer wholesale beverage supplies and industrial cleaning products! Set up an account and shop online with ease. You also can track your spending records and common purchased items.  

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